1. When should I start planning for my retirement?

    1. If you are asking the question - the time is now. Contact us to get your complimentary retirement benefit analysis.

  2. What are some of the most common mistakes when planning for retirement?

    1. The most common is not being informed or educated about your benefits. Another would be retiring without working with a specialist who can help you through the ins and outs of your retirement benefits.

  3. When can I or when should I retire?

    1. There are different rules depending on whether you are under the CSRS or under the FERS system.

    2. You should talk with your benefits Special Agent to understand when would be the best time.

  4. What is the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)?

    1. The TSP is a separate contribution plan and is used to additionally fund your retirement income. TSP is voluntary and the contributions made are separate from your FERS Basic Annuity and your CSRS Basic Annuity.

  5. May I take a loan against my TSP account?

    1. There are two types of loans: general purpose and a home loan.  The minimum amount is $1000 and the maximum is $50,000.  The general purpose loan must be paid back within 5 years and the home loan must be paid back within 15 years.  You may only have one home loan and one general purpose loan.

  6. What is Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)?

    1. The Basic Insurance is calculated by taking your annual rate of basic pay and rounding up to the next higher thousand and adding $2000.  You are automatically enrolled in FEGLI and to opt out you must complete and file a waiver with the Office of Personnel Management.

  7. What are my Survivor benefits?

    1. Survivor benefits have no cost to you during employment.  Once you retire though, survivor benefits will come at a cost.  You and your spouse much decide if he/she wants the retirement benefits.  This is definitely an area you want an expert opinion on as it can impact your full retirement plan.

  8. How can I apply for retirement?

    1. To qualify for payments from the CSRS or the FERS, you must submit a retirement application.  They are available on the Office of Personnel Management website.  Please refer to our Most Wanted links page.

  9. How do I find a qualified Financial Professional to walk me through the process?

    1. FBI has trained and eager professionals to help you through this process. Simply use the contact us form and one of our Advisors will get in touch with you.

  10. Is there a way to get a free analysis of my retirement benefits?

    1. The FBI Group offers a Free Retirement Analysis that will provide you with an in depth analysis of your current situation and what you may expect for your retirement.