About Us

The Federal Benefits Insurance Group (The FBI Group) was created by ECA Marketing with the help of a former Federal Employee who in retirement realized there was a need for qualified and knowledgeable financial professionals that would work exclusively with Federal Employees. Everything we do is aimed at helping Federal Employees understand their extremely valuable benefits so they can maximize what is available to them.  Our solutions are designed to provide Federal Employees with peace of mind for the preservation of independence and quality of life for a financially successful retirement.

What separates The FBI Group and its Special Agents from everyone else in the industry, is our unparalleled knowledge of the benefits that you are entitled to.  The FBI Special Agents are specifically focused on Federal Employees. In short, this is all they do! Every advisor who represents The FBI Group adheres to a strict code of ethics and is required to go through a screening process that will ensure that you always come first.

Each advisor involved in the program is put through an extensive three-day training program, sponsored by The FBI Group before they can become a "Special Agent." The training program was created by an expert in Federal Employee benefits and the course is broad-ranged so that advisors are familiar with any retirement situation they may face. FBI Special Agents are required to attend weekly meetings that inform them of any changes to benefits and to educate them on alternative solutions available. Our goal is to keep all Special Agents informed and educated so they in turn can provide you with the best possible solutions to your retirement benefit needs.